Mary Murphy Demers

Mery Murphy Demers has blended the music and lirics of the past with the excitement of the present.
It is wonderful to see that in the lapse of some 200 years since some of the music was written,
the music has not changed. They are as new now as they were then and as old as they will ever be.
Good music is ageless.

General Post Office(GPO) in Dublin

When she was eleven, she began studying the Irish Harp and later graduated from the Irish Academy of
Music. Mary Murphy Demers is also an accomplished singer, composer and an authority of the Celtic Harp.
She has won scholarships from the Academy of Music in Dublin, London and New York.

Balleymallow in Cork

Mary Murphy Demers is not just a traditional performer but a delightful Folk and Contemporary Singer
and Musician.



The Forgotten Ireland (LYRICHORD LLST 7349)


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