Brief Self-An Introduction to The Audiophiles

Vacuum tubes... Some call them old fashioned, others call them antiques... but a few call them
the "best way" to reproduce a musical events.
Tube amplifiers sound just amazing. I like the warmth and natural sound of vintage tubes.
Before ten years and over, some audio magazines was predicted that "a future stereo system is
not DIY, but it become an age to buy ready-made manufactures and to take enjoyment in listening."

But, it was not actually so. Many standardized manufactures come on market, and there is no taste
in goods-making, and it stop having a user's expectation it meets with the present manufactured

In 1930's, various audio technologies advanced by leaps and bounds as a background the development
of the talkie sound system for the theater. Three big talkies system; Western Electric, RCA and
Klungfilm was felled over one another. The sound output of amplifier in those days was only
several watts. These amplifiers just always hold that ability to just capture the audience in the theater
by using high efficiency speakers.

In 1940's, the gorgeous golden age of the stereo system opened a curtain in the appearance of
LP record and FM broadcasting of the radio. An amplifier in those days was the amplifier which
used a vacuum tube for the professional use and consumer use.

The development of today's stereo system industries depend on the large scale production
of transistor amplifier caused by the progress of the semiconductor manufacturing technology
at the 1960's and the appearance of the digital audio technology after 1970's. But, it overflowed
unattractive home electrical appliance like stereo system in the market, spoiled the enjoyment
of the audio hobby from before.

There were many examples that it was made by itself in early Phonograph age, because it was
high cost and it could not be bought but wanted to listen to the music. At those days, it is
because a manufacture product was still high cost and the one made by DIY was cheaper.
But the one to make now by DIY rather is stuck high. It is still made by DIY not only thing make
enjoy but also sound create can enjoy.

I think that vacuum tube amplifiers is being of existence of minority in a today, and in a future.
If it says conversely, vacuum tube amplifiers may be attractive as a tool of the audio hobby
because it is being of minority.

Kitao Ito; was a senior engineer at Westrex oriental branch is stated about industrial work
of the amplifier as follows. "The arts is necessary for amplifier-making. An art is not enough
when it is handmade by DIY. It is good at neither wiring nor the sheet metal handicraft
if a schematic diagram to adopt if not electrical theory is understood can not be chosen
and handicrafts are not practiced. If ability to listen to the music is not trained, the sound
which is the final purpose of the work can not be judged. A degree of completion of the amplifiers
can not be if it evaluated does not have a sense of its own to judge good and bad of the appearance."

I made a vacuum tube amplifier for the first time in about twenty years ago from now
by my self, and listened to the sound of that amplifier. I have been captivated by human sound
of vacuum tube amplifier ever since.

The amplifier is the tool to listen to the music. But there is a new encounter in the sound
which plays a vacuum tube amplifier with music. The sound of vacuum tube amplifier has
the charm which stirs up the romantic and kindly brightness.

Through audio hobby, I meet many good friends in Japan and other countries. I hope to see
many good friends on this web site.


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