Eugene O'Donnell and James MacCafferty

Many of the most beautiful of Ireland's slow airs, played with enduring softness and expression
by two Masters-Eugene O'Donnell on fiddle and James MacCafferty on piano. Only a gifted few can render
a familiar tune and make it sound new to a listener's ears-and the refined and distinctive playing of
these two Derry men makes every tune a joy to hear.

Eugene O'Donnell and James MacCafferty

Eugene O'Donnell is the great Derry Fiddler, reknowned for his vibrant, expressive playing of slow airs.
His unique style reflects both his classical training and strong Northern traditional elements.

James MacCafferty began playing piano at eleven, turned professional at fifteen, and has been making
a living as a musician ever since. But he is best known as a choir leader. For many years the head of music
at St. Mary's secondary school in Derry, his choirs won every major trophy at leading festivals thoroughout
the country.

Their refined and distinctive playing makes even the often played the Derry Air a joy to hear. The hearts of
these Derry men beat in perfect harmony.



The Foggy Dew (GREEN LINNET CLCD 1084)

Slow Airs and Set Dances (GREEN LINNET CLCD 1015)


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