Other My Favorite Music Sources

Other My Favorite Music Sources:

George Winston-Autumn (WINDHAM HILL WD 1012)

George Winston-December (WINDHAM HILL WD 1025)

George Winston-Plains (WINDHAM HILL 01934-11465-2a)

George Winston-Summer (WINDHAM HILL 01934-11107-2)

John McCutcheon-Winter Solstice (ROUNDER CD 0192)

Mark Soskin-Overjoyed (JAZZ CITY D 28Y0200)

Warren Bernhardt-Hands On (DMP CD 457)

Don Randi & Quest-New Baby (SHEFFIELD LAB CD 12)

Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny-Beyond the Missouri Sky (VERVE 314 537 130-2)

Norah Jones-Come Away With Me (BLUE NOTE 7243 5 32088 2 0)

Monica Zetterlund with Bill Evans-Waltz for Debby (PHILIPS PHCE 10036)

De Danann-Song for Ireland (CARA LP 0001)

De Danann-How the West was Won (HUMMINGBIRD HB CD 0020)

Mary Black-Mary Black (Gift House G2-10004)

Mary Black-Song for Ireland (Gift House G2-10050)

Dolores Keane-The Best of Dolores Keane (DARA G2-10038)

June Tabor-Anthology (MUSIC CLUB MCCD 126)

Shelagh McDonald-Let Me Man Steal Your Thyme (CASTLE MISIC CMDDD 1065)

John and Mary-victory gardens (RYKO DISK RCD 10203)

John and Mary-The Weedkiller's Daughter (RYKO DISK RCD 10259)

Judy Dunlop and Ashley Hutchings-Sway with Me (ALBINO ALB 007)

Johnny Coppin-English Morning (RED SKY RSK 107)

Johnny Coppin-Forest and Vale and High Blue Hill (ROLA RECORDS RO 15A)

Johnny Coppin-Songs and Carols for A West Country Christmas (RED SKY RSKCD 111)

Dr. John-The Brightest Smile in Town (DEMON FIEND 9)

Dr. John-Plays Mac Rebennack (DEMON FINEND 1)

Mason Proffit-Bareback Rider (WARNER BROS. BS 2704)

Bob Martin-Midwest Farm Disaster (RCA LSP 4770)

Rodney Brown-When the Bay Turns Blue (NORTH TRACK NT 03)

American Flyer-American Flyer (UNITED ARTISTS UA-LA650-G)

Ian Tamblyn-Close to Home (POSTERITY PTR 13005)

Doc and Merle Watson-Down South (SUGAR HILL SH 3742)

Tony Rice-Cold on the Shoulder (ROUNDER 0183)

Laurie McClain-The Trumpet Vine/a tribute to Kate Wolf (Kindred Voices Music)

Laurie McClain- The Child Behind My Eyes (Kindred Voices Music)

Harumi Kaneko-Try to Remember (PHILIPS PHCE 34)

Harumi Kaneko-Presents from Claus' (PHILIPS PHCE 3021)

Harumi Kaneko-When The Meadow was Blooming (STEPS HRM 001)

Mika Hino-Yokohama fall in love (MERC-0001)

Mika Hino-Hanafubuki (MERC-0003)

Ayako Hosokawa-A Whisper of Love (THREE BLIND MICE TBM CD 5039)

Mari Nakamoto-Unforgettable ! (THREE BLIND MICE TBM CD 2521)

Chie Ayado-For All We Know (EWE EWCD 0005)

Rutuko Honda-Evergreen Folk Hits (SONY SRCL 1859)

Rokumonsen-First Album (BELLWOOD SKM 7018)

Rokumonsen-Box (BELLWOOD BZCS9009-12)

SIMONS-Hit Collections (BMG BVCK-37027)


Betsy & Chris-The Best of Betsy & Chris (COLUMBIA COCA-11610)

Tokiko Kato-Best Hit Songs (SONY RECORDS SRCL 2612)

Kumiko-Ma Plus Belle Histoire d'Amour (AVEXIO IOCD20160)

Teresa Teng-Best Hit Songs (TARUS TACL 2365)

Mayumi Okuda-Sings"Basyohu" (EMI PCDZ 1139)

Mayumi Itsuwa-Blue Anthology (SONY RECORDS SRCL 5643)

Mariko Takahashi-Best Selection (INVITATION VICL 222)


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